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When one talks about diseases like cancer and the rest, we’re talking about something which we are told is found in nature. The AMA historically attacks these diseases by surgery, drugs or chemicals. The alternative world or the indigenous world  take the approach of natural healing through nature to cure something born of nature. If we believe that the world was created in a precise manner, shouldn’t it follow that the resolve for a problem was included in the creation as well. The AMA does not seem to trust the alternative world even as they take from the earth and those herbal medicine men/woman gifted with the knowledge of healing. The alternative or holistic practitioners have good reason to threat the AMA practices with suspicion. Language is important as well. How can a doctor say there is no cure when a vast array of other doctors speak in terms of a decease being “gone”. The layman is simply concerned about the decease being out of his/her body, and has a disinterest in semantics. In one meeting a doctor says that the decease is smarter than we are. Unless folk like the AMA have a claim to deity, one would think that all of the worlds of medicine should be talking to and not at or over each other. Egos aside, more holistic interchanges and keep in mind that it’s the patient’s interest first.

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