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Some years ago one of my colleagues made the above illustration. This was done at the time of the Occupy Wall Street demonstration was taking place. It was appropriate then and is even more appropriate now. This present presidential election has brought out the best and the worst in this country. For some of us, it has been a more poignant display of the direction this country must go and the possibilities that have unfolded. More than a discussion of the candidates, a discussion of this country and its thinking not in its best interest is at the top of the list. As a group, the “99%” have a lot more in common it has in differences. With all of the profound literature that has been written and is abundantly available about this country’s history, it is astounding how some can still hang on to the shame of the “Lies My Teacher Told Me”, the ignorance of where one comes from, the hatred of diversity or the irresponsible hype of inept politicians. America, ya gotta wake up.

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